Agos is growing with the company and its customers
System and method for analyzing SFN DMB (patent registration, no. 10-0786372)
System and method for operating a DMB SFN (patent registration, no. 10-0843268)
Digital multimedia broadcasting in handover method (patent registration No. 10-0967605)
To measure the received power distribution system and its method (patent registration, no. 10-1136109)
Alphabetic input device and its method (patent registration, no. 10-0906777)
Terrestrial broadcasting reception for quality measurement and analysis system (patent registration, no. 10-1127698)
Apparatus and method for broadcasting services in the Web environment (registered patent, no. 1026795)
Transmitter broadcasting on low power mode using the identifying information provided by how-to, and DMB transmitter and receiver (registered patent, no. 1127695)
Alphabetic Character Input Apparatus and Method Thereof (United States Patent No., 8,780,049)
Award-winning career
2009 'Information and Communication Day Memorial ' ' Broadcasting and Communications Committee Chairman Citation Award
2009 " Managing Director Central propagated ' Citation Award
Organized by the Ministry of Information and Communication in 2007 on the eighth broadcast radio wave technology " Integrated Measurement and Analysis System " by President Award
Recognized as a research institute(No. 2008110945 )
Green Technology Certification (No. GT-12-00194 )
Venture Company Certification (No. 20120103384 )
Software Business Report confirmed (B13-66626-001)
Proof of direct production (No.2010-16698)
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